Learn how to set up and explore your natal birth chart using the Uranian dial.

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Learn how to set up and explore your birth chart on the Uranian dial.


Here's what you'll need.

  1. Click here to obtain a free chart with all of the Transneptunian planets.
  2. Click here to download a 90 degree Uranian dial.  Once you download the dial image, copy it to your picture folder and print it out from there.  The dial should be 7" in diameter.  Cut out the dial and then carefully puncture a small hole in the middle with a thumbtack or pin.
  3. A fine tipped pen, like a .5 rolling ball pen.  Have some white-out as well, in case you make a mistake.
  4. A flat headed thumb tack.
  5. 6" straight edged ruler.
  6. Some painter's tape or drafting tape that will hold the chart and dial in place as we construct it.
  7. Below are the two reference "bibles" for looking up midpoint structures on the dial.  These books are really not meant to be "cookbooks," but rather "suggestive" in their intent of revealing how planetary energies work together.  It is the place of the "interpreter" to think about how they might operate within an individual chart.  Remember, astrology is an art form and not a science :)

Alfred Witte's  "Rules for Planetary Pictures"                        

By:  Ludwig Rudolph

*A must have for all astrologers from novice to expert.   Descriptions and insights into every single planetary combination and midpoint imaginable...including the Transneptunian planets.

This book can be fairly "pricey" to buy new, but you can find less expensive "used" (and new) versions by clicking here.

Reinhold Ebertin's  "The Combination of Stellar Influences"

Translated by:  Dr. Alfred G. Roosedale and Linda Kratzsch


*The second must have for all astrologers from novice to expert for basic planetary combinations and midpoints.