Vulcanus in Astrology. The planet of massive energy potential.

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Vulcanus.  The planet of massive energy potential.

Vulcanus.  A triangle with an arrow shooting upward resembling a volcanic explosion alluding to massive energy potential.

In Greek myth Vulcanus was the son of Zeus and Hera.  Deformed from birth he was exiled from Mount Olympus as a child and tossed into sea where sea nymphs rescued, raised, and taught him many skills.  Vulcanus distinguished himself through his aptitude with metals where he used the energy of fire and became a smithing god.  He served as the blacksmith to the gods and it is thought that almost any fine metalwork imbued with power that appears in Greek myth is to have been forged by Vulcanus.  The Greek myths seems to sanctify in stories that Vulcanus had special powers to produce motion.  He worked with his strength and an anvil where energies of massive proportion are channeled.

In a chart Vulcanus represents a very masculine energy, great strength, brute force, vitality and good recuperative powers, it’s the athlete with the powerful physique.  Yet when it’s weak, or insecure and manifesting negatively, Vulcanus is capable of brutality and violence.  So let’s take a look at Vulcanus operating powerfully in a few birth charts.

Oscar Pistorius.  On first inspection in Pistorius’s chart we find just what we think we would find and that is Vulcanus, the planet of energy, might, brute force and power in alignment with his Sun, and remember the Sun is not only what we want to radiate and how we distinguish ourselves, but also it represents vitality and the physical body.  And here’s another indication with the Sun/Mars which is the midpoint of energy, virility, determination and ambition in alignment with Vulcanus as well.  

And so when we go to the Meridian this is where things really get interesting.  Remember the Meridian is like a “snapshot” of the soul, it’s the point of individuality.  Here we have Vulcanus in a midpoint structure with Hades, and the Hades energy tends to drag whatever it comes into contact with into the underworld.  Hades often deals with primal issues, sickness, death, decay, and deformities.  And indeed around 11 months of age Pistorius had his legs amputated midway between his knees and his ankles.  Now this would have had a profound effect on Pistorius because between the ages of between 9 and 12 months is when a baby takes their first steps so there was a tremendous primal and primitive wounding.  You can even see in the chart that around 11 months he was very impacted by this major change in his life.  So when we have Vulcanus, that planet of energy, might and force dragged into the underworld by Hades, it’s taken on a very dark path and that Vulcanus/Hades can manifest as deep fears around his vulnerability which can turn to anger and aggression in expression.  And the planet Pluto which is the planet of death and rebirth, it’s the planet of transformation, closely contacts his Meridian axis in his natal birth chart which means that it’s also contacting the Vulcanus/Hades.  So this is another indication of a lot of transformation that is needed in this area around his emotional issues.

tiger woods

tiger woods

This next chart is of professional golfer Tiger Woods.  Another athlete but the Vulcanus here operates quite differently than you would assume.  While it still makes a connection as it sits right next to the Sun, which is the physical body and expands his athletic prowess, where we find a more powerful structure is around two of the most important personal points which are the Meridian and the Ascendant.  The Meridian being the soul’s essence, the point of individuality, and the Ascendant his environment, the people in his environment, how he presents himself to the world and how others see him.  It’s a point of personal relationship. 


tiger woods

tiger woods

So here we find Vulcanus in a midpoint structure with the planet Kronos.  Vulcanus again, being the planet of energy, might, brute force and power, is paired here with and energizing the planet Kronos.  Now Kronos deals with everything high up, above average, authority, bureaucracies, heads of state or someone who is a real expert at something.  Vulcanus here adds power, momentum and force to the executive power of the Kronos and so around the Meridian we end up with someone who possesses great esteem and influence, someone who is very much an authority or an expert at something.  And around his Ascendant, someone who presents themselves as an authority, and since the Ascendant is also the environment, he has powerful and influential people around him.  Now add in Mercury, which is thinking and communication and completes this 3 point picture, and we get Mercury/Vulcanus, powerful exerted thinking and communication, someone who thinks fast.  Now here amidst this powerful 3 point structure sits Neptune.  Neptune is a very watery planet and it attunes one to great sensitivity to energy, not necessarily feelings but to energetic vibration.  So that powerful thinking ability blended with a great energetic sensitivity equals intuition, which is quite beneficial not only on the golf course but particularly with someone who can handle themselves very well in the golfing community amongst other players.  And because Neptune deals with non-concrete reality, things unseen, I think it’s also telling us of someone who can give the impression that is very different than they actually are and this is also where Tiger’s "seeming" intense privacy is rooted, Vulcanus energizing that unseen dimension even more.