Admetos in Astrology. The planet of depth and transformative power, as well as blocked energy and inertia.

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Admetos resembles the earth or the sign of Taurus with the cross of matter or spirit and body through it.  The moon rests atop, heavy, receptive and absorbing.

In Greek mythology Admetos was the benevolent ruler presiding over all of those in need, even Apollon was sheltered by him at one time.  As Admetos grew old and was nearing his death, Apollon delivers to Admetos the message that he can avert his death in Hades if someone was willing to take his place, but no one comes to the fore and his wife Alcestis, mother of his two children is sacrificed. 

Admetos, despondent over his wife’s demise vows that he will never take another woman in her place.  He remains solemn for a long period of time through temptation after temptation.  Even when Hercules brings him a veiled woman as a gift, he ignores her.  However as Hercules removes the veil he recognizes that it is Alcestis, that she had been returned to him from Hades.  Admetos remains steadfast, welcoming his guest but not showing her emotion.  You see, there was actually a profound depth to his feelings but he couldn’t reveal them due to a chronic deep depression that prevented their release. 

Heavy story, much like this planet.  The effects of Admetos arise from all that is weighty, literally and figuratively.  Whatever it touches it brings into the depth and can have great transformative power and a stabilizing effect, but it can also block whatever it touches creating obstacles and inertia.  Let’s take a look at a few charts to see how this planet of depth, solidity and weight might manifest.

The Pentagon

the pentagon ~ July 26, 1947, 12:15 pm, Washington, DC

the pentagon ~ July 26, 1947, 12:15 pm, Washington, DC

This first chart is the chart of the Pentagon.  Admetos is all things that are stable and immovable so it’s no surprise that Admetos figures in prominently into the building that is the headquarters for the United States Department of Defense.  So when we look around the Meridian of the Pentagon, and one could say that the Meridian is the essence or soul of that building, we have a Mercury/Admetos midpoint structure.  Now Mercury deals with communication, thinking, and thoughts, so Mercury/Admetos would have to do with serious thinking, deep thinking, stable and solid thinking.  The Pentagon is a “think tank.’  The United States Department of Defense being a place where a lot of serious and concentrated thinking goes on. 

What we also find here is an Ascendant/Admetos midpoint structure.  The Ascendent has to do with our environment and what the environment is actually like, how things are seen to the world, so that would have to do with the building and the representation of itself as someplace solid, secure and stable, someplace that is settled, reliable and stationary.

Now bolstering both midpoints we have the planet Saturn entering the picture as it touches on the main Meridian axis through this four equal part, 22 ½ degree picture.  Saturn has to do with concrete reality and structure.  The builder of the zodiac here reinforces the Mercury/Admetos and the Ascendant/Admetos midpoint structures and makes the establishment of the Department of Defense as well as the physical structure that is the Pentagon even more robust and sturdy.

Prince George

Prince george ~ July 23, 2013 - 4:24 pm, London England

Prince george ~ July 23, 2013 - 4:24 pm, London England

This next chart is William and Kate’s son, Prince George.  Admetos is strong and very much a centerpiece of this chart.  A major structure sits around his Meridian, and remember the Meridian is the soul’s essence, the point of individuality.  Here we find Admetos in this 4 point symmetrical picture involving Mercury, the planet of thinking and communication, the planet Uranus, the planet of individuality, personal freedom, individual will, changeability and progressive views, and the Ascendant, his environment, how he presents himself to the world, how others see him and his relations as well.  And then of course there is the Admetos which can work to deepen, stabilize and solidify energy or it can block energy creating suppression.

The Mercury/Admetos midpoint structure reveals someone who is a deep and serious thinker and whose thought are very personal in nature, but it can also be someone whose thinking is negative and pessimistic at times.

The Ascendant/Admetos midpoint structure tells us that we are dealing with a person of depth, but also someone who tends to be somewhat removed and detached, who doesn’t have the ability to feel close to a lot of people and someone who will always prefer a few very close relationships as opposed to the larger collective.

Now let’s bring in the Uranus/Admetos midpoint into the picture.  Uranus is all about personal freedom and individuality and there is no doubt that Prince George does have a highly individualistic nature.  But again the Admetos is telling us there is some suppression around it, perhaps some anger.  As a matter of fact in Uranian astrology the Uranus/Admetos midpoint is one of the classic midpoint structures for anger.  But what’s this anger around?  A deeper look at the chart definitely reveals the conflict.

George is someone who quietly desires approval and security from others and is quite sensitive to disapproval and rejection.  But at the same time he’s not wholly comfortable revealing this deeply private and individualistic side, in fact he’s a bit fearful around having to open up his carefully guarded boundaries which can create some distancing and suppression.  He can come off in outspoken and brusque ways as times while also feeling lonely and isolated.  This is a very sensitive child who is going to pick up early that they have to be a certain way and then the real self is denied, and so an uncomfortability with it ensues and this is where the anger is derived.  Will and Kate probably experience this conflict in that George is brooding and moody at times with frequent temper tantrums. 

So the challenge will be to develop for George to develop a more inner and permanent sense of worth and security through the transformation and refinement of his individual will, his desire nature, thereby lifting the Admetos blockage and transforming it a deep solidified foundation for self-expression in his monarchical life.

prince george

prince george