Kronos in Astrology. The planet of all things high up, literally and figuratively.

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Kronos.  The planet of all things high up, literally and figuratively.

kronos - king of the titans and of the gilded age

kronos - king of the titans and of the gilded age

With any planetary energy there’s always duality, but the duality within Kronos is explicitly illuminated within Greek myth, and within the natal birth chart Kronos seems to operate in similar fashion.

Kronos in Greek mythology was the king of the Titans and of the gilded age.  He was mothered by Gaia and fathered by the powerful Uranus. Kronos’s father Uranus was a tyrannical man who feared that his children would someday usurp his power.  This is a pretty common theme in psychology with the fears of one generation replacing the next.  So Uranus did his best to eclipse and squash his children’s power base.  This patriarchal domination triggered Kronos to develop a strong self-reliance and a real personal authority, but at the same time he’s still hooked into that family cycle, that family story, and inflicts the same dominance and cruelty onto his father by castrating him. 

Kronos’s mother Gaia proceeds to tell him that yet again he’s fallen prey to the family prophecy and that he too will die at the hands of his own son.  To prevent this from happening Kronos devours all of his children, except for one, Zeus, who was taken away at birth and replaced with a stone wrapped in a baby blanket which Kronos proceeds to swallow.  When Zeus was old enough he drugs his father Kronos who then throws-up all of his siblings who go on to overthrow Kronos and send him down into Tartarus, the lowest part of Hades and the equivalent of Hell. 

Again, there are always two sides to any planetary energy and depending on a person's birth chart it can fall at either extreme or usually somewhere in the middle.  For Kronos, on one hand we have a powerful authority figure, someone who is in a leadership position and presides over the gilded age, on the other hand we have a tyrannical figure who castrated his father and swallowed his own children.

So Kronos is about all things that are high up, literally and figuratively.   Authority, heads of state government, integrity, highest attainable qualities, illustrious, everything that is above average, the boss, the expert, bureaucracies and independence.  On the flip side of Kronos we could be dealing with tyranny, big time criminals or despotic rulers. 

The symbol for Kronos is the cross of matter with the moon over the top of it, indicating the protection and care of those who are under your authority.  Let’s take a look at a few chart of Kronos at work.

First Powered Flight

This first chart is an event and falls into the “literal” category for Kronos in that it is chart of the first powered flight that took place in 1903 at 10:35 am in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina.  It’s literal because when we look at the Meridian, it represents the event, the actual snapshot of energies at the “moment" of flight at 10:35 am.  Kronos is illuminated here by being precisely on the Meridian.  So Meridian/Kronos, we have things that are “literally” high up.

On a side note, in the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York, the planet Kronos sat exactly on the Cardinal axis, or world axis, illuminating again dealing with things "high up" as well as ..the towers, the planes, and the tyranny or wickedness of the perpetrators.

first powered flight - December 17, 1903, 10:35 am  kill devil hills, north carolina

Queen Elizabeth

The next chart is of Queen Elizabeth.  Queen Elizabeth has a Venus/Kronos midpoint structure around her Meridian, the Meridian being a "snapshot" of the soul and point of individuality.  So the planet Venus deals with relationship, affection, fondness, love, harmony, togetherness as well as what we “value.”  So when Venus/Kronos get together we get someone who is a “benevolent ruler, someone who is helpful, kind and charitably disposed. 

queen elizabeth ~ April 21, 1926 @ 2:40 am  London, England

Adolf Hitler

With Adolf Hitler we get a Hades/Kronos midpoint structure around the Meridian (see chart below).  Now Hades can drag whatever it touches into the underworld so here we have a negative manifestation of Kronos as Hades pulls the executive, authoritarian power of the Kronos into a very dark place.  This is someone whose power has been thwarted in early (or past life) primal ways, so that the person is operating from a foundation of powerlessness and this is where despotic rulers get their tyranny.  Negatively manifesting Hades/Kronos is not only corrupt leadership and government, but also integrity, which means we will not be getting someone of the highest character.  In fact, in Uranian astrology the Hades/Kronos can be the formula for a big time criminal. 

Hades/Kronos can certainly operate positively as well, as in a very fine surgeon, therapist, or someone who is exceptional in a Hades type profession.


adplf hitler - april 20, 1889 @ 6:30 pm  Braunau, Austria