Pope Francis and the Promethean spirit.

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Pope Francis and the Promethean Spirit


The planet Uranus is often written about because it's close alignment with the Greek myth of Prometheus and I can’t help but notice how closely this mythology attunes with the birth chart of Pope Francis.  Prometheus, who had the gift of foresight, steals creative fire from the gods and gives it to human beings, as a collective. The Gods were furious that the people were now empowered and chain Prometheus to a mountaintop where eagles would come daily and pick at his liver.  This story exemplifies not only the Promethean and Uranian spirit, but the price one must pay for vision. 

The Uranus is very much a centerpiece of Pope Francis's chart with its close conjunction to his Meridian, and remember the Meridian is the souls essence, what you really want regardless of whether it brings attention and recognition from the outside.  Now the planet Uranus is a very future oriented planet, it's an airy planet that sees things clearly, it can take in a broad view of things recognizing patterns.  Uranus is the planet of personal freedom, change and innovation.  It bursts onto the scene with revolutionary impulses, wanting to transcend limits and structures of our past and carries with it the vision of human potential.   In close conjunction to his Meridian, this is someone who wants to contribute something progressive to society. 

The Uranian energy is very challenging in his Cancer ruled chart.  The Uranian spirit prizes personal freedom, exploration and individuality, but his Cancer Ascendant needs connection and secure emotional foundations, it fears isolation.  Its ruler, the Moon, sits in the 7th house of the traditional chart, which is the house of personal relationship and needs to intimately connect with people and preserve harmony in the relationship area. 

To a great extent Pope Francis has integrated his Promethean visions with his inclusive heart centered needs.  Latin American analyst Alejandro Bermudez perhaps says it best.  “The transformation of the heart makes the Christian become the heart of the Catholic Church, and when the heart of the Catholic Church is transformed, the Church becomes the heart of the world, and is capable of transforming the world.”

But where does the “suffering” of the Promethean spirit reside?  When we Moon/Meridian midpoint structure, the midpoint that represents our deepest soul expression and needs, we find the rumblings of Uranus here.   The Uranus indicates awakening insights that are aligned with his deepest soul yearnings but it also suggests tension and anxiety.  Remember he has strong security needs!  And with the Venus/Uranus midpoint also there, there are tremendous needs for space and freedom in relationship as well, and this type nearly always is up against situations where “personal space” is an issue.  So a certain disruptiveness in relationship is only to be expected.    With the Transneptunian planet Hades on the side, his needs are strong needs to help the suffering but it also indicates some feelings of lack of effectiveness in this area, that somehow he’s not all he can be and the Sun/Saturn midpoint structure here is saying something similar to the Hades.

Now all of this limits to a certain extent how comfortable he feels directly offering up all of his creative and visionary ideas.  His detached freedom oriented needs make him both antsy and a little anxious.  He has been referred to as the “Blabbermouth Pope” and the Pope who “talks too much and too spontaneously.”   Well this is Uranus speaking.

And so the Popes announcement recently that his papacy would be short, 2-3 years maybe 4-5, comes as no surprise. The Uranian rumblings never cease, and his needs for space and freedom to personally touch and gather valued insights; the Pope is already ten steps ahead of us and it’s a place where the collective doesn’t exist.  With his Promethean spirit he’s shifting the course of this enormous vessel that is the Catholic Church.  And in the part II of this video we will dial ahead using the Uranian system to take a look at the timeline for the papacy.  I hope you will join me.