How long will Pope Francis's papacy be? Let's look.

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How long will Pope Francis's papacy be?  We'll take a look.

I thought we’d take a look at what might be the timeline of Pope Francis’s reign since his recent announcement that his papacy would be short.

Now in order to do this we need to figure out what sensitive structures within his chart are being activated and sparking events which is what the Uranian system of astrology is so good at.  So I’ve done a bit of research in terms of taking the dial and dialing back in time to see which structures have activated historically.  Then we’re going to take our dial and dial forward in time and see what timeline for his papacy might be.  Let’s get started…

What I have found in working with the Uranian system of astrology is that within an individual’s chart there are always “sensitive structures” that trigger events.  Now in order to find these structures we’re going to animate the dial, which shows the movement in time starting from 1955 through 2014, and I’ve selected eight major events in the timeline of Pope Francis’s life (with exact dates) to observe and see just what is getting triggered.   So you can really see how in all of our astrological charts things are constantly changing.  Most importantly we want to start seeing some “repetition,” meaning we want to see if we can pick up sensitive structures that are being triggered and repeating within these eight events more than just once.

And they certainly are, at every one of these important dates where there are major career shifts and changes, these structures are repeatedly getting sparked.

So let’s dial forward into the future and we’ll take a look at how the Pope’s papacy may unfold.  Now it doesn’t appear that they’ll be any major changes in the next few years, but what does look interesting starts around mid 2017 when there are some health aspects.  The Sun will be directing with his Saturn/Neptune midpoint which is traditionally a “not great health aspect.”  And by November of 2018 that same Sun will move to Neptune, which again could indicate possible illness.  Even if we go back to the traditional western chart, we can see even in a more general way that Saturn is making its teo and a half year long trek through the sixth house, which indicates the need to look realistically at ones work and health habits.  Chronic health issues that have been neglected are likely to surface now and they are often related to dietary habits.  The body tends at this time toward a certain toxicity and usually needs to work hard to purify.  So these health issues could definitely impact how Pope Francis is feeling around the work situation.

Now also starting around the beginning of those health aspects (which is mid 2017) is also a Uranus transit to the Pope’s Meridian which will go back and forth over this point for about two years.  Now remember the Meridian is the career area but it also represents the soul or the soul’s essence.  When Uranus, the planet of personal freedom and individuality moves over our Meridian the urge is to clear away limitations so that we can have a fuller life experience and I think between having potential health issues and Pope Francis’s intrinsic needs for the kind of personal freedom that allows him a more humble existence where he can get more up close and more personal with the “pulse” of the collective, that this is going to be quite a restless and anxious period of time in the papacy for him. He will become less and less willing to deal with the restrictions the papacy has on his life.

But it seems to be between mid 2019 and the spring of 2020 that those sensitive structures that we pinpointed earlier in this video around the eight events of his career, seem to get activated.  And by the end of 2019 into Spring of 2020 a particularly interesting setup in his chart appears.  His directed Uranus sits right on his Meridian indicating a possible sudden change in the work area as well as a change in the direction and goals in much of the life.  It could even indicate a geographic change.  The Saturn transit here reinforces this desire for a structural change in the work area.  Although because it is a square and coming from the 7th house, he will perhaps be experiencing some resistance around this issue within his relationships.   

So while I think the Papacy will be short, in my observation it doesn’t appear as short as the two or three years that Pope Francis mentioned.  My take on it is more around four or five years.

How long will Pope Francis's papacy be?  We'll take a look.  Pope Francis - Astrology - Horoscope - Birth Chart

Taylor Swift....and the relationship thingy.

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Taylor Swift...And the relationship thingy.

We’re going to take a look at the chart of Taylor Swift, not so much from the success that she has created in the creative realm, but in her relationship area.  Those very same structures in her chart work so well in career can be a bit messy in the area of personal relationship. 

When we go to the Meridian and immediately we see that Saturn/Neptune midpoint as well as the Saturn/Moon midpoint structures sitting on the side.  Now remember the Meridian in Uranian astrology not only is the represents the soul, the point of individuality, but it’s also career.  So when Neptune andSaturn and come together here we have the use of the non-concrete, the visceral, immense sensitivity, compassion and imagination of the Neptune, and the concrete reality, practicality and discipline of the Saturn.  This is what gives Taylor the power to create in tangible form the outpourings of her imagination.  Saturn/Neptune people, if the structure is there artistically, often become self-appointed messiahs in a sense for the collective.  She may speak of emotions that are unique to her but really are common to the masses.

So what’s the double edged sword in this picture?...that the Moon is involved.   The Moon is quite afflicted in Taylors chart and even though she has got it to work well in career, her chart indicates the moon enters troubled waters in the personal area.

Dialing in on the moon we immediately run into Neptune, so anything that points to the moon will involve Neptunian energy.  Neptune and the moon have a lot in common, they’re sensitive, imaginative, empathic, and compassionate, they’ve got a refined sense of feeling and are concerned with feeling connected.  These people long for connection, for reassurance that makes them very self-sacrificing, becoming what others need them to become.   Moon/Neptune understands others need for unconditional love and they need this kind of love in return. They often look to others to redeem or be redeemed on order to avoid having to face all of the harshness in the concrete world.   

So the sensitivity and merging of the water combined with the self-expressive creative fire in her chart, that Sun in Saggitarius, the Leo Ascendant and particularly the intensely desirous Scorpio Mars, the planet of determination, will power, active energy, and you’ve got a Fire/Water situation, someone who looks at people in terms of their potential and tries to fix them. Fire/Water works beautifully in the career area where we can intuit potential and make things happen.  The fire seeks expression but the water seeks the paradise realm of connection which is why she falls hard, fast and because there is so much expectation she ends up disillusioned, lonely and disappointed.  She’s not really seeing these men for who they are but rather projecting her own needs and longings onto them.   

In addition around the Moon area, we find a Jupiter/Saturn midpoint indicating there are problems around the area of faith, swings in temperament between unbounded optimism and deep pessimism.  There is a lack of trust that what she is looking for is really there for her, or rather, and more poignantly, on some level she really doesn’t believe it is there for her and so what we think we energetically recreate.  

So it’s really not the famous issue which she so often speaks of, but rather the issue is her feelings of lack of effectiveness and lack of confidence in this area.

Now let’s factor in that Saturnian energy with that Moon.  Whatever Saturn touches it craves but has a hard time reaching.  So here, the nurturance, deep emotional bonds, real feelings of security is amiss.  There’s a “trapped child” here who learned emotional self-sufficiency early. The kind of love that says I will love, protect and nurture you just because you breathe was in short supply, although her strong Neptunian energy around her moon probably kept her weaving fantasy and idealization around how it actually was, and kept her pining away in search of that emotional setup.  So the child develops extraordinary ways of getting their needs met by being ultra-responsible, dutiful and controlled.  Responding to others needs and never letting anyone down.  Moon/Saturn is usually quite vulnerable and scared of being hurt so they will always conform to elicit approval, conforming was the currency for love.  Moon/Saturn people often end up in a mothering position, like a Mother Hen, even playing mother to their own.  All of these combinations lend themselves to this caretaking or fix/change pattern in the personal area, trying to fill her own needs and longings for emotional security.

Her chart indicates in several places the need for major transformation in this area, so Sun/Moon - one of the most important midpoint structures for relationship in Uranian astrolology.  And bingo, not only do we find that whole structure with the Moon-Neptune/Saturn midpoint with the Meridian on the side, dialing us back into that adaptive fix-change/caretaking problem, but we find the planet Pluto here as well.  Pluto, the planet of death, rebirth and transformation is telling us that there needs to be profound transformation in this area of personal relationship , that old patterns from the past that no longer serve need to die.  And Hades is here on the side as well, the planet of death, decay, the underworld as well as early emotional primal wounding’s in the life.  The Hades here can mean a few things, on one hand is another confirmation of difficulty in the relationship area and someone who is terrified of the vulnerability here,

So let’s dial back to that Meridian once more and include our relationship mp Sun/Moon,  and wahlla the Sun-Moon/Hades witha 3-point picture with Pluto hooked right into the Meridian, confirming the issues around relationship but also that this is a soul issue something to be worked on this lifetime.  The fact that there is Plutonian energy around it means that the possibilities for transformation are there, but not before she has some real transformative experiences concerning relationship.  It will be a spiral and hopefully an upward one.

Taylor Swift....and the relationship thingy.  Astrology - Horoscope - Birth Chart