The "Dual" National Revolution ~ Part I of II

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Chart of the united states and the revolutionary transit of pluto

Chart of the united states and the revolutionary transit of pluto

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We are living in an extraordinary time and we can’t even begin to talk about the election, the candidates, without noting the powerful transits of Pluto and Neptune to the nation’s chart.  The only other time we’ve had these exact transits was during the period of the Revolution and leading right up to the Civil War; so the parallels are fascinating and really we’re in this “double engine” revolution.  On one hand there’s a deep transformation of the nation’s identity, much like in the Revolution with Pluto was in Capricorn and there’s also a transformation of the nation’s soul with Neptune in Pisces and a similar period leading up to the Civil War.  So let’s take a look at this “dual engine” revolution because this is going to be a very rich period in our nation’s history and really a time to savor and ride change.


The Plutonian part of this revolution really started with Pluto’s entrance into Capricorn in 2008.  Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth, and it will compel us to come to terms with elements of our nature as a nation that aren’t that easy to face.  Pluto stirs up issues of power, government, autonomy and how much authority government may or may not exercise, in essence a total transformation of the nation’s identity.  It shoves into the light that which has become toxic and no longer serves so that something new can emerge.  It stirs the nation’s inner cauldron which is now boiling over everywhere in frustration with the status quo.


All we need to do is return to the Revolution for some serious insight as this was the only other time Pluto was in Capricorn in the nation’s chart.  The Revolution wasn’t a simple one sided phenomenon, but the one thing it was, was a struggle for power, and the one thing it did was to shove into the light the uses and abuses of power and the underlying motives which fueled it, exactly like it has been doing in this country for the past 10 years.

And so these two periods, the Revolution and now, with Pluto in Capricorn, are perhaps the few times in history where people feel that they can really participate in reshaping the society and casting aside outmoded ways of governing and being governed.  As Pluto completes its transit through Capricorn by 2024, our country’s Pluto return, we’ll have completed an entire cycle, suggesting a complete reevaluation, reassessment and subsequent renewal of the fundamental values of our founding fathers and the Constitution.  

In addition to issues of power, Pluto’s return to its natal place in the earthy house second house also suggests serious reappraisal of our country’s resources, chiefly the use and abuse of natural resources as well as environmental concerns.  So while the Plutonian part of this revolution is survival and power, the Neptunian part of this revolution is a national spiritual crisis.  

National Neptunian crisis...

With Neptune in Pisces from about 2011 to 2025 we mark the end of a 160 year cycle and the beginning of a new one we are entering a profound period of psychological renewal and change, a shift in consciousness that we haven’t experienced in 160 years, and this new growth demands that our old self be shed.

Neptune stirs the collective unconscious psyche’s deepest feelings and longings.  Neptunian transits are crises of the spirit and in this case a collective spirit that has grown tired of rules, limits and boundaries.  It makes us aware of how world weary and fatigued we’ve become in our day to day lives and how so many things have become vapid, meaningless and intolerable.

Neptune wants us to experience beauty, the kind of beauty that connects us all.  Neptune wants us to throw out all of the crap and get down to what really matters.  Neptune transits facilitate this shift by dissolving structures that straightjacket the collective soul, leaving outworn beliefs and values behind that no longer serve. 

We’re living a time with an uncanny resemblance to the emotional and spiritual climate of 1850-1860 right before the Civil War when Neptune was in Pisces and opposing the nation’s Ascendant which is exactly where we are now.  The country at that time was on the verge of war which was only averted by the Compromise of 1850, a series of legislative bargains over the western territories and slavery designed to appease growing sectional tensions. 

But the Compromise of 1850 achieved the exact opposite and Americans were growing increasingly unwilling to accept limits, rules, laws or any kind of traditional boundaries.  Remember, Neptune stirs deep emotions and longings; it dissolves the boundaries between ourselves and others so it was awakening deep collective unconscious feelings, a tremendous unrest simmering in our nation’s soul.

So this is a very similar place "feeling wise" that is in this country now; the fear, the uncertainty, all brewing at the nation’s core.  These collective unconscious feelings then exert with tremendous force in the form of projections, and there is no other arena quite like the political arena where they get expressed.  That is why ideological movements are par for the course under Neptune transits because they are deeply imbued with emotion, a past and future fantasy, they’re all fantasy.  And so there is this romantic vision of paradise lost and regained through the creation of a perfect society. Ideologies can be politically left or right, some are peaceable and some are not, but they all are ideas which involve the redemption of a downtrodden collective, which then rises up and then overthrows the persecutor.

Sometimes they appear as the aspiration of the perfect Muslim state and the promise of a quick trip to paradise for those who blow themselves up in the name of Allah.

Sometimes it appears as a Superhero Grandpa who’ll fight corruption to restore decency and integrity to all. 

Sometimes it appears as the hijack of an entire political party, a three ring circus for the channeling of collective frustrations and fantasy.

And sometimes it’s just an overgrown, overstuffed, Kewpie doll, up-lifter of all who are also unrecognized, suppressed and deeply in need of some self-worth. 

This passage, from Liz Greene’s book "Neptune," states this phenomenon powerfully;

 “Arnold Toynbee, in Study of History, makes some relevant observations on the characteristic responses of a society threatened by the disintegration of existing structures and values. He suggests that the experience of “spiritual uncertainty” and “moral defeat” in a nation may propel its citizens into pursuing a “utopian chimera” as a substitute for an intolerable present.” In just this way does the individual in the throes of uncertainty and defeat often turn to Neptune’s world, and Neptune’s magic talismans, because life has become intolerable.” 

Toynbee goes onto state;

"In the twin movements of archaism and futurism, Archaism an attempt to return to some imaginary past Golden Age, and Futurism, a frenzied leaping towards some fantasy future, can be seen two apparently opposite, but fundamentally utopian (or Neptunian), collective attempts to escape reality.” Both ignore the necessary compromises and adjustments that are needed to create a tolerable present, to deal with the here and now.”

Feelings are pretty powerful, especially collective unconscious ones.  So, in part II of this video we’re going to take a look at Clinton, Trump and Sanders, and the lay of the land politically from the Democratic and Republican conventions right up through election day.  So I hope you’ll join me.


Chelsea Clinton. Visited.

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Chelsea Clinton – The Lightkeeper

Now all planets can run the spectrum from positive to negative in their expression.  Here in Chelsea Clinton’s chart we find a powerful Poseidon energy, the planet of inner wisdom, inspiration, and illumination of ideals, but it’s a hindered Poseidon energy.

Highly individualistic and sensitive, Chelsea has a deep need for emotional self expression but her chart indicates she finds it hard to achieve in practice, spending considerable time chasing experiences which turn out to be less than expected. 

Chelsea Clinton - four point picture on her meridian

Chelsea Clinton - four point picture on her meridian

Around her Meridian and remember the Meridian is like a snapshot of the soul, the soul’s essence, the point of individuality, it’s what you really want regardless of whether it brings attention and recognition from the outside.  We have this major structure here involving Neptune, Poseidon, Admetos and the Sun that complete this 4 point picture.  So when the Poseidon/Neptune come together we can get someone who has a deep clarity, knowledge and wisdom of themselves, someone who is introspective and has a lot of insight.  But if not operating well in a chart and there are indications in Chelsea’s chart that confirm this finding, our knowledge of ourselves is foggy and unclear, we can have false ideas and views of ourselves that keep us on the wrong path and in a mirage, clear insight into ourselves is not accessible for some reason and continuing to slip through our fingers.

The Admetos joins the Poseidon here and the Admetos deepens, stabilizes and solidifies energy, or it can block energy creating suppression.  So with the Admetos/Poseidon we get a person with a lot of mental depth.  This is someone who would like to take her ideas and ideals and shine the light on them in a profound and grounded way.  Admetos/Poseidon is also the midpoint structure for education.  But the Admetos can also be blocking the energy of the Poseidon, the expression of her ideal’s and what she’d like to radiate, and this is what appears to be happening. 

The Sun/Admetos here is saying Chelsea has strong needs to feel deeply involved in her work but that there are feelings of restrictiveness, that she’s really not getting her needs met in this area.  And then rounding out this major structure we have a Sun/Neptune midpoint, someone who is highly sensitive to energy and can use these sensitivities for the greater good, creatively, spiritually, or in some kind of helping profession.  But if not operating well we can have a negative outlook and there can be a loss of ego strength and confusion or even depression at times around the career.

Chelsea Clinton - meridian with Uranus closely aspecting - very independent situation

Chelsea Clinton - meridian with Uranus closely aspecting - very independent situation

Chelsea is a fiercely independent and individualistic spirit as seen by the planet of personal freedom and individuality, Uranus in close aspect to her Meridian.  But her chart is telling us that there's a lot of confusion and uncertainty when she strives for her personal goals and that there's some ambivalence when it comes to dealing with the public.  She can give the sense at times like she’s driving but with the brakes on.




Chelsea Clinton - moon with Saturn aligned - restrictiveness in the emotional area

Chelsea Clinton - moon with Saturn aligned - restrictiveness in the emotional area

But where does this conflict come from?  When we go to the moon, and the moon is our emotional needs our emotional unconscious, what we need for our emotional peace and wellbeing, it’s also the mother.  The Saturn here, the planet of security, stability, reliability and also the planet of limitation is saying Chelsea had a strong attachment to her mother but there was a lot of restrictiveness. 




Chelsea Clinton - Moon ascendant midpoint represents Chelsea's mother Hillary

Chelsea Clinton - Moon ascendant midpoint represents Chelsea's mother Hillary

And lets look even further and go to the Moon/Ascendant midpoint structure, the midpoint structure that most specifically describes the mother as well as Chelsea’s experience of her.  And here we confirm our findings even further.  Venus/Pluto and the Mars/Jupiter, this was a passionate mother with strong impulses who really loved her daughter but with those power planets of Mars and Pluto she was pushy and contentious. 




So here is where some of the conflict lies because Chelsea did see her mother as a source of inspiration but she also feared her wrath.  She would have needed a more delicate encouragement and a heartfelt interest in order to gain the confidence to develop her own inspired visions.  Instead she received her mother’s competitive energy.

So there’s really a lot there with Chelsea, she’s an individualistic spirit with strong ambitions and inspired visions.  But troublesome emotions arise when Chelsea aims to bring more of Chelsea into the arena, hiding away her deeper drives she feels would provoke opposition.  This is a very old pattern that can be traced to her early environment.  But these deeper drives are positive and healthy impulses that are necessary to her passionate visions.  She probably experiences this as a stealthy tension, never finding herself satisfied and yet unable to say just what the dissatisfaction is.

Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton

So this is where the mirage in her life resides, Neptune/Poseidon, her need for inner clarity, for intimacy with herself but struggling with the reflected image.  But if Chelsea can work to transform the uncertainty and fear around bringing more of Chelsea to the fray, that same Neptune/Poseidon can set the sail to her visionary ideas and ideals.